The Telemedicine Training Programme consist of the following courses:

a) Doctor@Home Telemedicine Program

b) Remote Physician Medical Team Program with Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations (RSIC)

The Doctor@Home Primary Care Giver Course is a Telemedicine Course for the Primary Care Giver of a person. This person may be a  mobile or an immobile adult  (Wheelchair/ Bed bound - both requiring care givers) who is of a Senior Age Group who may be experiencing Acute Medical Conditions like Urinary Tractt Infection, Fever, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Post Operative Recovery from a Hip Replacement/Operation. The person may also be suffering from Chronic Medical Illness like Hypertension, Diabetes ( on Medications - Oral  or Insulin),  High Cholestrol, Stroke, Dermetia, etc.

This Doctor@Home Primary Care Giver Course is also designed for the Acute care of the Adult who has just been discharged from hospital - post surgery, post stroke , epilespy or simply undergoing tretment of balancing their medication for Diabetes, Hypertensiion, Cholestrol etc.

In this course the Primary Care Giver will be taught the basics of what Telemedicine is and how the FEMA Doctor@Home Home Care Program incorporates the Care Givers documentation of the Patient's Parameters into the Telemedical Remote Patient Monitoring System ( TMRPMS) which is then reviewed by the offsite Remote Clinical Medical Personnel/Team. In the event of any abnormalities the Remote Clinical Medical Personnel / Team will Review the Patient via the Telemedical Consultation Platform with the  assistance of the person's Primary Care Giver.

In the event that a more indepth Tele-Consultation is required, an onstie Medical Examination will be conducted by the Roving Medical Personnel ( Medic, Nurse or Doctor) who will be activated and deployed to review the person at home. In the event of an Emergency an Ambulance will be activated for transfer the person to the Emergency Department of the Hospital.

The aim of this course to enable the Primary Care Giver of the peroson who may  be Family members or Forigen Domestic Workers (FDW) to be able to assist in the continuity of care of the person's medica conditionl while the person is in his/her own home enviroment, reducing/preventing any unforseen medical emergencies.With the assistance of the Primary Care Giver, the person's medical parameters and medical status are being obsevered continually by the Remote Clinical Medical Team through the Telemedicial Remote Patient Monitoring System (TMRPMS) so as to ensure appropiate and timely intervention should the need arise.

The Doctor@Home Telemedicine Program is a basic introductory course in Telemedicine for Patients, Care Givers, Nurses, Medics, Medical Professionals or anyone who is involded in providing medical related care and support to another individual.

This basic program gives us an overview of Telemedicine, its history, the process of communication with the different types of telemedicine devices and platforms, the practical uses of telemedicine in daily patient monitoring and patient management.

The course is fully delivered online with information to be read and a online workshop which teaches the Patient, Care Giver, Medics, Nurses and MedicalProfessionals  on the use f the various medical devices and its importance in the integration with Tele Medical Management of the Patient. The course also incorporates training with the FEMA Telemedical Remote Patient Monitoring System  which integrate the use of Telemedicine  Platforms with the Patient Parameter Dashboard and Mobile Apps for communications with Remote Physician or Virtual Medical Facility.