Diving Medicine Courses

This Course in Emergency Diving First Aid for Occupational Divers equips the occupational diver with the knowledge and skills to identify, treat and manage the various occupational diving related  emergencies and injuries. The course forms the foundation of diving first aid training for both emergency life threatening and non-life threatening emergency underwater/diving incidents. The course introduces the participant to basic diving medicine - in the areas of diving medicine history, diving physics , diving physiology together with the human bodily system interaction. Upon understanding these basic concepts, the participant is then trained to manage underwater diving injuries such as emergency life threatening & non-life threatening conditions, the conscious & unconscious diver, pressure related illnesses, aquatic disease conditions, diving related medical/dental conditions, psychological conditions, underwater trauma, marine life inflicted injuries etc. Participants will undergo practical skills training for deploying emergency first aid medical equipment , performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the deployment of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and rendering first aid for treatment of diving injuries. The Principles of Diving Injury Management in the areas of Prevention, Standby, Telemedicine, Emergency Deployment (P-STED) and importance of Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations (RSIC) together with Immediate Effective Oxygen and Fluids administration will be addressed.